Over the past 25 years, EVP has had a hand in thousands of productions. From complex one-day event videos to multi month cinematic pieces, we look at every production with an eye towards best practices, but also with a sense of discovery and innovation. Our motto is “we can do that”. If it can be done we will figure out a way to deliver it to our client.

EVP started in the world as a video production company and that is still our true love. We learned to cut quick exciting ads for the ski industry delivering same day productions to TV stations hours away. As we evolved we took the lessons of quick, on our feet productions and married that with great design and effective messaging. The result is on-budget, on-time productions that do not disappoint.

We have decades of photography experience. The advent of DSLR technology has brought our passion for videography and photography together. As we develop marketing concepts for our clients it is important to have photo services “in-house” to be able to keep on schedule and keep the costs in check. By doing this work ourselves we are able to fight against message creep and produce tight, on-track design pieces.

Justin Hardesty and Don Hyde shooting video for Disabled Sports USA in Illinois

Drone Footage

In 2017 we added a drone to our mix of tools. Licensed and fully insured we can get that special shot you need from the air. Come fly with us!