Themed Conference Videos - The Fusion of Education & Entertainment

When you are planning a conference you have to consider a number of factors. What is the theme? Who will the speakers be? How will I entertain my guests? How will I market the event?

A conference video from EVP fuses together many of these factors while making our videos both entertaining and educational. Our highly talented team of videographers have produced videos for over 500 events. Our event clients include: Delta Air Lines, National Car Rental, Disabled Sports USA, AIG, The Hartford, Hanger Clinic and University of Central Oklahoma. Producing in locations such as: Bermuda and Mexico to the Virgin Islands, Las Vegas, Breckenridge, Arizona and all throughout New England for over 25 years.

Allow the EVP team to come up with an entertaining and educational presentation that dovetails with your conference theme. We pride ourselves on providing exquisitely researched and written video pieces that enhance the welcome, social communications, documentation and wrap of any conference.

Every video EVP produces is unique and designed from the ground up in collaboration with our clients. Let’s discuss the possibilities.

Types of Conference Videos:

  • Welcome Video – Produced pre conference. Dovetails with conference theme and is ready to show as the conference starts.
  • Conference Video Support – The shooting of footage during the event to be used for social posts, future recruiting, education or video library.
  • Wrap Video – Entertaining, educational video to be shown on-site at the conference that pulls together the theme and messages of the event in a fun and educational way.

Some Case Studies

Proprietary Content: Many of our videos contain proprietary information, so they can not be shared to the world on the web. As we assume you may not want your content shared we hope you understand. Please contact us and we can share examples and pieces of presentations directly.

Making the CEO the story

A medical research company based in New York City needed a presentation for a conference in Denver. Other presenters would be using PowerPoint with charts to reach the guests.  EVP created a 15 minute Planes, Trains and Automobiles comedy piece staring the CEO of the organization working his way across the country in a quest to service the guest show the lengths the company would go to for their clients.

The video was designed to do three things. 1. To provide an entertaining way to educate about the companies services. 2. To outpace the competition. 3. To make the CEO of our client the talk of the conference. It accomplished all three.

Shot in NYC, The White Mountains of New Hampshire and Denver CO.
Post produced in NH and Denver.

Sharing success with employees

For a video produced for an internal company conference to psyche up employees we used a Wizard of Oz theme to show the before (not having the company’s software) and after (using the software). The before was all shot in BW and led to a tornado of problems. The after showed the smooth operation that the software presented.

Shot entirely in Portland, ME
Post produced in NH

Bringing staff to the conference through video

A company could only sent 800 of their 8,000 employees to an educational conference in Las Vegas. EVP came along to produce social media posts that kept the rest of the company engaged with the conference, shot various workshops for future education of the absent employees and provided a video to wrap the educational messages of the conference together in a 4 minute video.

Shot and post produced on site in Las Vegas.

Tee it Up

For conferences that include a golfing component we have created a golf package that is produced on course in the same day of the tournament. We have the video ready for viewing by the afternoon or evening festivities for all to enjoy.

The video is made to look like a broadcast with commentators, play by play, spoof ads and plenty of duffs. Many of which are enhanced by creative CG effects.

We have produced on courses across the country including Pebble Beach, TPC, Scottsdale, The International, PGA Florida and all across New England.

A few other themes we have produced for:

  • Les Misérables (Musical piece re-written for theme using the client as singers. Dubbed of course.)
  • Lord of the Rings (Fundraisers on a quest.)
  • Horse racing (Conference held in Saratoga with the theme “And They’re Off!”)
  • 24  -the show (Product that had to be protected from “bad guys.”)
  • Back to the Future (Before and after results of the company.)
  • NASA (CEO and CFO addressing conference from outer space.)