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Brand – Starts with a handshake

All companies and organizations have a brand whether they manage it or not. As a mater of fact, every person has a brand as well. And that brand starts with a handshake.

A handshake can tell a lot about a person. It might say about the person: Aggressive, forward, timid, friendly, shy or any number of things. Once you shake someones hand they will have  an impression of you (a brand marker) that will inform how they interact with you in the future.

I am singling out the handshake as a brand marker, but there are hundreds of things that determine personal brands. Smiles, voice, height as well as received intelligence and stamina are all additional markers. Together they will develop a brand in the viewers mind and stick there until these markers are altered.

Creating a brand for a company or organization follows much of the same process as for an individual. Instead of a handshake you would present a logo, or place a product, or place targeted advertising.

In either case it is important to create a brand that you can control and develop over the long haul. Your organization will have a brand regardless as to whether you do any outreach, brand management or adverting. It is just very important to control all of the factors that follow your brand. Starting with a handshake.